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June, 2016 7

2nd BRK Bittrex Bounty Tournament

Thank you for everyone who played in the first tournament. The turn out of 126 players was fantastic, especially with the short notice and it being father’s day. We even had surprise guests and WSOP bracelet winners,Vladimir Shchemelev and Lenny Martin. It was extremely fun for us to interact with our users in a new way and [...]

James StroudJames Stroud

Coin Sale Pricing at Bittrex

I’ve seen a lot of confusion about the coin sale pricing at the Bittrex sale page for Breakout Coin. In this post I hope to clear up much of that confusion. For the impatient, the bottom line is that the real price one actually pays at the sale is much less than it appears on the sale page. Please keep reading to understand why. As [...]

James StroudJames Stroud