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May 2019
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2nd BRK Bittrex Bounty Tournament

Breakout Gaming is teaming up with Bittrex to host a 2nd Poker Tournament, with the grand prize being a card from the Breakout Chain Deck.

James StroudJames Stroud

Thank you for everyone who played in the first tournament. The turn out of 126 players was fantastic, especially with the short notice and it being father’s day. We even had surprise guests and WSOP bracelet winners,Vladimir Shchemelev and Lenny Martin. It was extremely fun for us to interact with our users in a new way and we’re hoping this becomes a regular event. We’re also planning to do some eSports events in the future so get your FPS skills tuned up.

A special congratulation goes out to our inaugural tournament winner DSNR as well as the 2 others who collected bounties on us. DSNR, had this to say to his haters, “Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.” He also wanted to let everyone know that his trading philosophy is “Don’t call tops, wait for CNBC to call the top”. Aside from winning the tournament, DSNR collected the bounty for BittrexRich (Richie), while Lollero crushed the dreams of BittrexBill and HoSung bagged BittrexRami.

2nd BRK Bittrex Bounty Tournament – 11am PDT Sunday June 26th

Come spend a few hours with the Breakout and Bittrex teams.

This tournament is absolutely free to play.

1st place: 4c card from DECK. DECK is a set of 53 collectible tokens on the Breakout Blockchain.

5K in BRK paid across 2nd-40th place. 2nd place gets 1k BRK.

There is also a 500 BRK bounty for each Bittrex staff member you knock out of the tournament.

To enter the tournament, signup at

Once you are in client, look for the tournament “BRK Bittrex Bounty Tournament” and use the password “brkbittrex”

If you’d like to talk trash during the tourney or are just looking for other players for pick up games, come to and our #breakout-poker channel.

James Stroud, Ph.D., is the lead developer for Breakout Chain, the blockchain carrying Breakout Coin, which is the chip used for the online gaming platform developed by cryptocurrency startup Breakout Gaming. Dr. Stroud is also a co-founder of CryptoCertify, the first company to focus on auditing both the code and deployment of cryptocurrency applications.