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May 2019
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Breakout Coin Community Update


The Breakout Chain will see an update in the near future with many enhancements including faster block times and solo SiS mining.

Currently Breakout Coin (BRK) has been implemented at the fully licensed online poker site for deposits and withdrawals. It is also fully integrated into the Breakout Game Store where you can purchase PC downloadable games and branded Breakout merchandise. held a very successful inaugural BRK Pro Bounty Tournament this month with over 450 entrants. BRK coins were awarded as prizes and bounties for knocking out Brand Ambassadors such as Jenn Harman, Todd Brunson, Layne Flack, and more. A new Pro Bounty is being scheduled for March 22 at 20:05 GMT. In addition, regular weekly Social Media and bi-weekly Discord community freerolls are running.

Coming next for is phase two of the BRK integration, which will feature dual player wallets in USD and BRK with the opportunity to host BRK only tournaments and private games. This much anticipated feature will allow players to deposit BRK and maintain a BRK balance without converting it to USD. will go live with full BRK integration already implemented. We anticipate to be the next site to be integrated with BRK for deposits, with the ultimate goal of having all of Breakout Gaming’s sites integrated fully with BRK in the future, as licensing allows.

Breakout Gaming is committed to using Breakout Coin, but unlike many other online casinos that accept fiat and/or cryptocurrencies, Breakout Gaming does not work in any grey areas of the law, making the first licensed online gaming property to have its own cryptocurrency. While this has entailed a lot of extra work, we believe it will give us the edge we need in the long run as the crypto space becomes increasingly regulated.

Additionally we are working on getting our coins listed on more exchanges,having a user friendly online BRK-only wallet for Chrome, and enhancing our blockchain including user friendly mining pools.

Currently the Breakout Coins, BRK and BRX are traded at and Litebit is open for new registrations. Bittrex should reinstate open registrations soon. Until then, please get on their waiting list for new accounts.

The Breakout Chain will see an update in the near future with many enhancements including faster block times and solo SiS mining.